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Full text of "Westborough Teachers' Association 2007 retirement celebration"

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y\[ est borough 'Teachers' 


'Retirement CeCefrration 

Indian Meadows 

y/est borough, MJA 

May 23, 2007 



yVestBorougft Tu6Cic SchooCs 

2007 "Retirees 

TauC ChamBerCain 

SaCVeCCa Ciojpyxx 

James CojpeCand 

TCCen CorneCy 

Richard Jay 

Joan JoCey 

'Bryan QatCey 

Johanna (giCC 

Janet 3-fart 

Marcia JCqffman 

XathCeen McShane 

Dot MeCCo 
Richard Mongeau 


IT 1 

3:15—4:00 TM 

InformaC (gathering 

Cheese Tray, fruit ancCyegetahCes 

Orchestra Music 

4:00—4:30 TM 

Opening Tresentation 

"Retirees Introduced 

Musical InterCucCe 

4:30—5:15 TM 

Light "Buffet ancC3-[ot 3-CorcCerves 

Orchestra Music 

5:15—5:45 TM 

Tresentation of (gifts 


5:45—6:30 TM 



Now That ^ou re "Retiring 

Now that you re retiring 

y\fe can teCCyou flow wefeeC; 

Our heartfeCt admiration 

Is deepCy feCt andreai 

you've been a great roCe modeC 

J or teachers and each kid; 

\jou showed us how to he 

In everything you did. 

lYe'CCmiss your fine exampCe; 

y^e'CCmiss the things you gave; 

Our pCeasant memories of you 

yVetfrecaCC and carefutfy save. 

lYe wish for your retirement 

The hest of aCCyour days; 

May you discover sweet fuCfiCCment 

In new and rewarding ways. 

Sy Joanna Jucfis